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People page displays all the members of your community

Take your conversations anywhere

Access Console from your browser, desktop app, or iPhone app.

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Token-gated communities

NFTs, ENS, BNS and whitelists can be used to verify members.

NFT ownership

When you use Console, your identity and social graph live on the blockchain.

Security first

We’re progressively decentralizing our platform. Soon you’ll have Signal end-to-end encryption by default in private chat rooms and DMs.

Less spam, less noise

Gone are the days of spam, scams and sock puppets. Console's verification is designed to protect your attention, protect your community, and protect your  NFTs.

Share more of who you are

Build your Console identity by showcasing your NFT collection and highlighting your contributions.

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Collaborate and co-create

Console is optimized for communities, with features including a member directory, customizable channels and smarter notifications.

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